Nintendo 3DS, Success or Flop?

Since Handheld gaming became a bit hit the devices have sold in the millions, mainly the gameboy range, and later the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP range.

Recently we have seen new devices from Nintendo as well as Sony but have they been as big as the manufacturers would have hoped ?

The Nintendo 3DS has been released for over a year now, at the time of its launch it boasted technology that it thought would change the way we game, and the way all of our screens worked as we move deeper and deeper into a 3D civilisation.

The 3DS screen works in an interesting and technical way which i shaln’t bore you with explaining in its entirity but this picture explains it pretty well ! Basically in a normal 3D film, the screen is polarised and one eye sees one picture whilst the other sees a different one, your brain then puts these together to get a composite 3D image, in the 3DS a parallax barrier controls the way the light leaves the LCD display, meaning different images reach different eyes.

This was seen to be the way 3D would evolve at the time but as of yet, we have still to see another application of this technology being used as effectively as we would have thought.

Worldwide the 3DS has sold over 17 million units, the GameBoy and GameBoy colour Nintendo released sold over 115 million units, so as you can see.. the 3DS is more like a drop in the pond in relation to figures in comparison with its older brother.

Even though the 3DS hasnt brought home the numbers it maybe should have done, it does still make a great device to own for mobile gaming. Whilst the PSP is more of a console gaming miniature, the DS does not attempt to be this at all, the style of gaming is completely different and unique in its own way and has brought many generations of gamers to games who may have never have considered it before, with the popularity of brain training and puzzle type games by far the most popular sellers.

These devices have also became more versatile with wireless connectivity to the internet with inbuilt browsers and stores for downloadable content including music and video, it seems as though this is an attempt by Nintendo to through as many features into the device as possible to maximise sales but sadly it hasnt done so.

I own a device, and was unfortunate enough to pay launch price before it dropped by £100 ! So obviously im a fan, but i believe this device could be far more popular than it currently is, especially with the current price it is going for with new devices being sold for £135, or even cheaper on the pre-owned market with a typical new package price including a best selling game £155.

A luxury i admit ! Especially with the gaming capacity of most smartphones and tablet pc’s, but a luxury worth having as far as im concerned !

8 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS, Success or Flop?

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  1. I too got burned on the $250 3DS, but whatever, I enjoyed the free GBA games they gave out as compensation. I almost always keep the 3D effects off, as I find that without 3D the graphics are much sharper. I’ve only got two games for it (Super Mario 3D Land and Tales of the Abyss), and with the new Paper Mario game looking kind of shitty, it might be a sad, long while before I buy another 3DS game.


    1. Yeah I’m the same the 3D is more of a thing you show to friends, when using it yourself the 3D is off.
      Ive got a few games, not many though, Pokemon is a most even though it isn’t fully 3D


  2. I got a used 3DS, Metal Gear Solid Snakeater 3D and Zelda, Ocarina of time. I was surprised by how great it was to play on 3DS. As for the 3D, it’s like an added difficulty setting. If you get too excited and move the 3DS too much, you can’t really see what you’re doing. It was really cool in metal gear but I don’t notice the 3D much in Zelda. I think 3DS is great… at the price I paid for it but I might have been upset with the launch price.


    1. I agree definately, as soon as you take it out of its sweet spot your game is ruined and it definately does add to the difficulty. I paid full launch price, but I suppose thats the price I pay for being a geek !


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