Mobile OS, Where is this leading ? Patent-Wars

1 08 2012

This post will follow a bit of a different format in comparison with previous posts!

Years ago, most phones would run an individual OS, with most manufacturers having their own. This, apart from giving the manufacturer a lot more costs and work, meant that we had a lot of different mobile phone OS’s available, with different UI, features and options.

Now, we have more or less reached a point where we have less than 5 major operating softwares.

Apple iOS

Google Android

Windows Phone

Blackberry OS

I understand there are a lot more than these 4, but none of the others are as large as these 4 in the UK anyway, with Blackberry sales decreasing rapidly in recent times.

With the increasingly frequent patent disputes, it looks as though one company is introducing a great feature with all other rival companies looking to make their own version ASAP. This is something that has been going on for years in F1, and although making each OS better in their own right, is incredibly disappointing from a creative and innovative viewpoint.

It seems as though any new feature now has to be patented and protected till the death by lawyers with each company preferring to find ways to copy technology without being sued as opposed to actually creating the next great thing and using resources more wisely !

I hope that the recently discussed ‘patent amnesty’ as such can be achieved and that the companies strive to constantly develop and innovate the next best tech and spend more time developing than in the courtroom !

I’d love to hear your views on the current Patent wars that are ongoing, and who you feel will prevail in the battle of the OS? JellyBean has been a hit so far for the very few devices that have received the update with iOS6 looking to be a massive hit in the Autumn. Windows Phone 8 is also thought to be releasing nearer the end of the year as well as a new range of Blackberry’s, I think Windows is looking like a dark horse and will hopefully gain a larger share of the market and help with the competitiveness of it all !

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2 08 2012
Mobile OS, Where is this leading ? Patent-Wars « Tech Filled Fantasy « IT Corner

[…] original here: Mobile OS, Where is this leading ? Patent-Wars « Tech Filled Fantasy Tagged as: a-lot-more, and-computers, android, being-denied, chance, gadged, large-as-these, […]

2 08 2012
Joanna Oz-Davis

Hi Jordon! Thanks for liking my post “If technology gets any SIMPLER…” Truth to tell, I’m soooo behind on the gadget thing it’s unreal! I have your basic cell phone. It has a keyboard but I don’t use it for much else but talking and texting (my 19 year old niece) . I don’t have a clue about the latest….whatever. Matter of fact, a facebook friend has a cat who is more up to date than I am!
As far as where it’s all leading….all this new stuff is equipped with GPS. Anyone who has one can be tracked from anywhere in the world. And, I dare say, listened to! No surprise there, but still pretty creepy. Put it to you this way; with friends, talking from U.S. to Israel or Ireland to Canada, via vid phone or whatever it’s called, Big Brother’s job is that much easier.

8 08 2012
Dark Acts Bible

Well said! I particularly appreciate your point regarding the tension between creativity and ‘ownership.’ I believe in a healthy, robust, and relentless ‘innovation.’ I also agree with you that this cannot, and will not, be accomplished in the courtroom. I think that part of the process of our regaining our balance (or perhaps, acquiring it for the first time) will be in learning to relax and “let go,” in the same sense that authors are learning to do regarding issues of copyright. For example, publishing in the “Creative Commons” sense allows for varying degrees of ‘ownership’ for the creator, as well as the ‘consumer.’ This continued, old, and tired strategy of meeting force with force in the creative commons can only burn us out and use us up. As always, my money is on the creative force…

And thanks so much for the ‘follow.’

21 08 2012
ipad 32gb wi-fi and 3g

Target hasn’t had any of the new iPads for 2 months now.

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