Windows 8 Phone, Next big thing ?

Apple and Android are completely dominating the Mobile market at the minute with a pretty large proportion of phones running each of their OS.

Their next challenger, with the pretty imminent downfall of Blackberry is Windows in my opinion. This is backed up by figures in most parts of the world. The Nokia Lumia range run the most recent Windows operating system pretty successfully and this has been the most success the range has had in quite some time with most people not considering Windows an option up until now.

Windows 8 is said to be being released around the end of the year with October and November being heard in amongst the whispers. This, you would assume to be after the launch of the IPhone 5 with most sources saying this will be released before October. A disadvantage in my eyes but I suppose it could be an advantage depending on the success of the new flagship Apple device.

The above shows the new Windows 8 interface. A complete overhaul in comparison with the current Windows 7, and previous Windows OS. This, is more closely related to the most recent Windows 7 phone and operates in a smart-tile UI. This changes as new information is received, with each block acting as a resizable, movable widget, bringing you the most up to date texts, facebook updates and things of this sort.

The above video gives an idea about how this works.

Samsung, Huawei, HTC and Nokia are all confirmed to be making a phone to run Windows 8.

Windows 8 will be NFC compatible and have its own version of Google Wallet and Passbook named Microsoft Wallet ( how creative !?)  and will also run Internet Explorer 10 with the capacity to run numerous core processors and HD quality graphics. The phones will also have expandable storage and a great Maps system, something Nokia as a company have had some considerable success in before now.

Above, again are some images that give an idea of how the UI will look, with some different variations.

Windows 8 Phones are also going to be far more integrated into the Windows 8 OS which will be available for PC’s and Laptops. This will make sharing files and settings far easier and should hopefully make the whole experience far better than previous and rival the current set up of Apple and I tunes.

Phones are also going to be supported for a minimum of 18  months after launch, this will be useful to some Tech geeks who get the phones at their release with the phone being supported for Updates for the vast majority of their contract with this not necessarily being the case with some devices!

Not being an expert on the subject, far more information can be obtained at

If you are interested, or just want to learn a little more on what else is out there !!

14 thoughts on “Windows 8 Phone, Next big thing ?

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  1. Another great article…you stole my idea (kinda sorta) about who’s gonna be #3 next…

    To answer your rhetorical question (which was awesome), although I am a android fanboy, I will always keep an open mind…having said that, metro ui and the tiles annoy me…although they would be easy to navigate, good for older generation users…


    1. Yeah im the same dude, I was always open minded. I had a Blackberry then an iPhone now an Android so i could see myself giving it a go ! The tiles do look annoying but I reckon after about a week or so you might get used to it, MIGHT being the key word..


  2. I would love to give the Windows UI a whirl. I think it’s a terrible interface for a desktop, but great for mobile devices. My hang up is I don’t think there will be many apps for it for a long time (if ever, unfortunately). Android and iOS are in my opinion just too dominate to get developers thinking about a third platform for awhile. Hopefully the apps you highlighted will be enough to get a user base going and then maybe developers will follow. Bottom line: I won’t be an early adopter but I’m going to be following the Windows phone to see how it goes.


    1. another fair point and one I agree with ! Hopefully a few get on board and the rest jump on the bandwagon. I think its great for a Mobile too but im undecided on desktop im currently downloading the preview to give it a whirl and see but its definately not going to be as easy to jump ship from iOS or Android to Windows as it may have been to go from iOS to Android or Vice versa.


    2. I completely agree with this. Mobile devices are successful due to what they run, and generally this is apps. There just aren’t enough on windows for me. I was using a friend’s phone and couldn’t even find a 3G data monitor app! As also mentioned, once you’ve invested a lot in one system it’s difficult to leave, I know all the apps I need (and have spent money on) are in android to pretty difficult to ditch it! Same goes for ios users I’m sure.


      1. yeah i know what you mean some apps can be pricey and why up ship when the grass may not and most probably is not greener on the other side. The OS companies are the ones dictating if phones are bought these days not the manufacturers


  3. I don’t think Win 8 could be that good. Most devs are complaining on how closed the windows platform has become. Unless MS change that, they might have problems later on. A good idea would the integration with droid much like PC Windows are with Linux. That would make developers minds blow sky high by making a broader market for their products with much less work and more improvments. Game devs would also love that, since they are working on multiple platforms now. But thats just me.


    1. I agree, essentially they are killing themselves by making it more and more difficult for people to develop, they are catering to the masses which is fine but you have to leave some space for the tech geeks at heart and let them explore and play !


  4. No future for Windows 8. I don’t need Windows 8 UI everywhere, and there are too many colors. This is just suitable for office.


  5. I’m a Blackberry user and coming up on my next cell package offer so I’m looking to switch. The Win8 U.I looks user friendly. I heard at least one device supporting it will have a keyboard that acts as a screen cover. Be interesting to see a first look at that. So many cells with touch screens you shouldnt put in your pocket.


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