Laptop , PC or Tablet ? Where will we go next ?

Personally, I have a laptop, phone and tablet and used to own a desktop PC, until it became pretty antiquated with its 40GB hard drive.

Most people have made the jump from a desktop to a laptop, usually stating their main reason for this as it being easier to move around and more portable etc. This, 9 times out of 10 is absolutely bull. I know that 3 laptops later, my laptop sits at my desk and used to make a rare journey to the kitchen for me to view recipes, since the arrival of my iPad.. old laptop’y stays where is all day long, on my desk plugged into its power supply.

Most people also absolutely obliterate the battery on their machines by constantly keeping them plugged in, this severely screws with your battery, with older machines benefitting more from a complete charge and decharge session as opposed to constant full power and attempted charging the longer you leave it plugged in and the more frequently you do this the more chance you have of your battery holding a pitiful amount of charge (this goes for mobile phones in most cases and tablets too).

Desktop PC’s, a regular in some homes but I’d say a dying breed for most recently, this is why in my opinion, it is the best time to buy one of these beauties. Modern desktop Towers aren’t exactly Towers they are more like bungalows.. Some modern desktop towers are smaller than some early mobile phones! These also pack a serious punch and are usually for more hardcore computer enthusiasts with better performance specs, and usual mobility not being much of a huge concern for somebody who usually gets all their work done in the same place anyway.

Above is an example of a modern tower, in comparison with some older towers the size is massively different. Many modern PC’s also allow you to use your television as an output device meaning that if you are low on space your TV can function as your monitor, and with wireless keyboards and mice its long past the times of having to sit within a specific distance of the tower.

Tablets, now what can we say about Tablets. A new genre if you like has been created, and performs its role extremely well but is it a replacement to any of the above ? As far as im concerned, my tablet bridges the gap between my mobile phone and my laptop. I couldn’t see myself replacing my laptop with a tablet, but it performs a whole other duty to which I dont think you can fully appreciate without having used a tablet for about a month to learn of its uses ! My iPad is used mostly for social networking, internet browsing, emails and games. These are all things that you can do on a laptop but are mostly easier to do on a tablet, and can be done far easier than a laptop as tablets are incredibly more portable than a laptop (especially one that is constantly plugged in)

Laptops are laptops. Most people have a laptop as their main household computer I’d say these days, or most definately the kid of the house has a laptop (god knows what they are doing with it) and they do what they do, and perform it well. Its a screen, keyboard and mouse built into one with all of its components contained, this is why I think they overtook PC’s.. Not the portability factor, but more towards it all being in one contained unit, for one easy transaction and not buying keyboards, mice and monitors separately. In buying a modern laptop, your specs on standard models probably aren’t a kick in the behind away from the specs on a standard PC, but depending on your level of brand loyalty may cost you alot more. Laptops, like PC’s have higher end hardcore models but you would usually find in a battle of the hardcore models, the PC would usually have the lead when it came to specs.

My advice, if you are buying anything is to do your research, and buy based on what you need it for. Its all fair and good saying this PC is the best for hardcore gaming, but if you are somebody who only surfs the web and reads their emails then this is definately not for them. I like to think of myself as a geek but my laptop is no where near what I’d call high spec, the range is almost limitless depending on what you are after. If i was buying again, I’d trade my laptop for a PC and keep my tablet. Tablets perform their own role, as I mentioned earlier, you can’t make a judgement without having the use of one for a week or 2. At first I thought my iPad would sit and be rarely used due a mobile phone and a laptop but it has been more or less stuck to my hand for the past few months, it was something I thought of as an additional extra but now I would find it difficult to live without.

Where do you think tech will go from here ? What else have we left to make !?

What do you use currently ?

Would you buy differently when you came to renewing your tech?

How often do you renew your tech ?

What do you look for most in any of the above ?

Thanks !!

15 thoughts on “Laptop , PC or Tablet ? Where will we go next ?

Add yours

      1. Absolutely. Tablet is used for gaming/consuming content, especially when travelling. Saves gaming on my phone which keeps the battery on that when I need 3G/phonecalls/texting etc.


  1. I just built myself a gaming PC and assumed that would end my silly days of needing a laptop. But then I just went out of town and my laptop literally saved my bacon as I sat down to look up a hotel reservation at a Starbucks with Wi-Fi. So my misconception of never needing a mobile device was debunked.

    Having said that, if I had a smarter smartphone, I wouldn’t have needed a laptop either . . . I think for me, a tablet or a really impressive smartphone could replace a laptop. Particularly a tablet, I guess, with a cover/keyboard like the Microsoft Tablet demoed a few months ago. I’m big into having physical keyboards for really typing things out like blog posts on the go or emails or whatnot.

    I think we’re just reaching the point when these mobile devices have enough computing power to do whatever I want. Hopefully the wireless networks keep progressing so that they don’t become the bottleneck to performance. /end super long rambling comment.


  2. If I could afford it, I’d have a full-fledged gaming PC, a tablet for reading ebooks and stuff, a laptop for when I need some serious computing on the go, and a smartphone for convenience. Sadly, I only have a relatively decent gaming PC and a Galaxy Note. The Note’s screen is great and it’s big enough to comfortably read comics, but I’d still go with a larger tablet if I could afford it.


  3. My Nexus 7 replaced my netbook very quickly. In fact I’ve hardly used it at all in the last month, perhaps just once.

    But it doesn’t come close to my desktop’s capabilities right now, and whilst I agree that desktops are shrinking, and why not, I can’t see a time where I’d want to do away with a big screen and a study. I like having my own quiet work space and I like having multiple large monitors. But yeah, who cares what’s powering those, could be a laptop or a tablet, or even a phone.


  4. I own a laptop,iPhone and recently bought an iPad.Although laptop and my smartphone have become necessary for me as they both keep me connected on the move.I am still figuring out where the tablets fits in, i guess it will take time.But we as a society do embrace technology and integrate it in our life very quickly.


  5. I found myself wondering the other day whether I need my smartphone. I mean with a Nexus 7, an iPad and laptop how much more portability do I need. Sure my phone is great, but I find I use my other devices heaps more and use my phone for well phone calls and SMS. Can I really justify a smartphone other than tethering it to my Nexus 7. I’ll find an excuse to keep it I’m sure, but I could get away with a more basic model.

    Would like a serious gaming desktop, but my laptop does all that and it’s portable and I can play wherever. Bye bye desktops? I like Adnan’s comment – the beauty of technology is we all use it differently and make it work they way that suits us. That has to be the best part!


  6. I’m certain that desktops won’t die out. With the probable death of consoles after the next generation and improvements to technology, those super small towers will be the norm for general desktop use, but for most, mounting up a rig still is better and cheap than getting the ready product. Small towers will succeed in being convenient.

    Tablets will soon be only 7″ in size or even be replaced by Samsung Galaxy note like phones (more probable for being easier to move around with). I’m pretty sure TV’s will be some sort of PC replacement, since everything might go streaming path (storage, processing of raw data and graphics). Nothing is for certain, but I’m pretty sure TV’s will replace our common PC screens.


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  8. Elictrozan sells the kindle dx and giant has the iriver ones . I bought my kindle from amazon and im reading a lot more now 🙂 the only problem I faced is with the connections to my home wifi. Some problem with the network key but im downloading books via USB with no problems at all. If you are a book reader you need to get one


  9. Felt the need to chime in as well. I built a fairly high end desktop PC that is in our office. Other than giving us a dedicated place to ‘work’, I needed the higher specs for 3D modeling and use it as a central repository for our music and video collections.
    The change was the iPad. I ditched my old, smoking laptop and replaced it with an iPad. I bought a wireless bluetooth keyboard, and that made it pretty usable. I didn’t use the DVD drive on the laptop anymore, so that wasn’t a big deal, and I love how fast the iPad fires up. It’s not a replacement for an actual computer, but does about 8o% of the role. And as you said, it bridges the gap between my Android phone (with CryanogenMod’s ROM, love it!) and my desktop PC.
    Great articles, looking forward to more!


    1. You have what sounds like an excellent set up !!
      If i could change my laptop for a high end PC I definately would.

      Really unless its a major task an iPad or equivalent tablet can do it and do it well !

      My android phone is the same, its great ! But I like to have a middle man between it, and the laptop.


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