Nokia Lumia 920 , are the boots of Apple & Google shaking ?

So with the annoucement of Nokias new Lumia handset, are the bosses at Google and Apple nervous ? or simply having a fly chuckle to themselves in the corner.. Well its not as much the second as many may have first thought !

The Lumia 920 is Nokias newest phone of the Lumia range, this will run the newest version of the Windows operating system and will be looking to build on the reasonable success of the previous Lumia phones. If people weren’t going Apple, Android or Blackberry, the chances are they had a Windows Phone. Many people instantly fell in love with the block like UI and the others will probably have to sooner or later as this looks to be the same UI Windows 8 for your desktop or laptop will use in the near future if the preview versions are anything to go by and with the recent look of the Xbox interface, this will be big shortly.

The looks of the device are very similar to the previous model with the brightly coloured shell and contoured glass making it look and feel pretty sturdy and well built and are comparible in size with Samsung Galaxy SIII, so pretty chunky to say the least !

It will run a Snapdragon S4 Dual-core 1.5 Ghz processor as well meaning its up there with the Galaxy SIII and the HTC One X for speed and certainly isn’t the fat kid running miles behind!

The screen is taunted as being the fastest, brightest and clearest touchscreen there is, and is also thought to be responsive to your fingers even when they are covered up (wearing gloves etc).

The Maps aspect is as impressive as always with Nokia phones and this phone makes further use of Augmented Reality like some previous phones have already tried to do. This means that by turning your maps on you will see what is infront of you on your screen using the camera, the camera will then use the images and relate them to GPS to show you what is infront of you and provide links to websites relating to these places etc.

The PureView camera system has a lot of peoples interest and looks to be one of the better mobile cameras available in todays market. We already have some phones with amazing cameras and ridiculously high levels of mega pixels but this isn’t the whole picture, having 5MP or 15MP will surely make a difference but this isn’t the only spec that has to be addressed when looking for a great photo. The Lumia comes with a 8.7MP camera with a Carl Zeiss Tessar lens with added Optical Image Stabilization technology meaning that the photos should be blur free regardless of how shaky your hand is.







The Lumia is also capable of wireless charging. This means that you don’t have to plug it in to charge but simply place it on a wireless charging portal, this to me doesn’t make much difference if you have to put it in a portal anyway ? But either way is a great piece of technology going forward.







Will this device squeeze Apple and Googles marketshare between 3? I’m doubtful. But the previous Windows Phones did make a lasting impression on the market and their share is growing steadily. I don’t see the sales of iOS and Android phones plumetting but I do see this as an up and coming opponent and its easy to see why. Nokia are desparetly trying to turn their business around so are making high quality, functional phones. Some phones on the market are of a lesser quality but due to them possibly running Android for example, people will choose them anyway. This phone looks great and I cant wait to get my hands on it for a test run !


7 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 920 , are the boots of Apple & Google shaking ?

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  1. Cool article.

    I don’t think windows phone will be the OS to break up Google and Apple. But I do recognize that Nokia is doing great things hardware and software wise. This is going to be a problem for Microsoft.

    Nokia is the only manufacturer trying to differentiate itself from the field. With the rest of the oem partners, I couldn’t tell an android phone from a windows phone when the screen is off.


  2. As good as it may sound, I stand behind my previous comment. As long as Microsfot continues to make Windows platforms more and more closed they won’t have much future beyond PC and game market. They might make it in the tablet, bu will be very small compared to their contenders.

    Not to mention that Mr. Elop (Nokia’s CEO and harbinger of it’s doom) has effectivelly thrown the company into bankruptcy. I’m pretty sure by his speeches praising Microsoft, he did so the latter could buy the company (Microsoft-Nokia, sounds creepy – like Weyland-Yutani) and have a cell-phone platform for development. But according to specialized sites and blogs, this is Microsoft and Nokia last chance at getting harder in the cell market with a phone and OS.

    The phone looks like a copy of a Toshiba-Fujitsu phone from Japan (design, hardware and camera software) that will soon hit EU and if successful there, US may follow.

    My opinion is that Microsoft will simply take the third place that belonged to Blackberry. Just an option for companies that use Windows workstations to facilitate integration and communication. I think will be like laptops that offer the same model with either Windows or Linux… have extra choice is always nice.


  3. I cant help but wonder how many more they would sell if it ran Android? Its bad enough I have to put up with windows on a desktop occasionally, as if Im going to put that pain in my ass in my pockets as well.
    I would give it serious consideration over the Iphone5/samsung if it did!


    1. i’ve not had a proper mess about with W8 yet but from looking at it i just dont like the overall look of it. If it ran Android it would get a lot more sales but we would be still in the Android Apple fight.. im happy to see a 3rd contender kind of


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