iPhone 5 , is this what you have been waiting for ? Or a massive letdown?

So as expected,  Apple have unveiled the new iPhone but not the iPad Mini as was widely expected!

The iPhone 5 has been hyped up to its eyeballs, mostly due to the monstrous success of all of its predecessors so has pretty big boots to fill going head to head with devices like the Samsung Galaxy S III & the Nokia Lumia 920.

The new iPhone is bigger and thinner than previous models, and if you have been on the internet in recent weeks, the official design looks almost exactly like the concepts and leaked images that have been doing the rounds of the web. The larger screen has allowed it to have an additional line of apps/folders in comparison with previous models.

If you are looking for completely new groundbreaking innovation, I’d say that the iPhone 5 is slightly underwhelming. Apple have done what they do well, refining and perfecting, but there aren’t many steps outside the box in comparison with perhaps the first iPhone or features like Siri.

The new model boasts a new A6 chip , this is touted as being almost twice as fast as the previous A5 chip and provides better graphics and even better battery life, a major issue for almost all previous iPhone models with 10 hours video playback being claimed on Apples website.

One of the massive talking points of this release was of the new connector. This is different to all previous models and make far more sense being far smaller, more durable and reversible however if you want to use existing peripherals you are going to require an adapter. The adapters are shown below and are available for a price of between $30 and $40 from the good folks at Apple and in some cases this will still render your peripherals and accessories useless.

The new phone also comes with a redesigned set of ear buds , so the iconic iPod earphones have finally changed and this should supposedly stop them from falling out of ears all over the world with a redesigned shape!

The new phone will also come with a nano sim allowing the phone to be thinner than before, and will be capable of handling a 4G network. This will be big news for residents of countries with a capable 4G network, but with this in the early stages in the UK, won’t mean as much till the 4G spectrum is more widely available.

The new OS will vastly improve this as a device, whilst also keeping the rest of the iPhone family in line with updates as far back to the iPhone 4. If you are looking for more information regarding  iOS 6, We have an article previously posted regarding this massively improved OS @ https://techfilledfantasy.wordpress.com/2012/07/23/apple-ios-6-preview-nemesis-of-jelly-bean/

When the iPhone 5 is released, it will no doubt sell by the truck load! I think that also this will happen, it will be interesting to see how this device effects its market share. Many Apple fanboys have claimed instant love for the device but many have also turned their backs being entirely underwhelmed by the lack of change between the 4S and the 5. The iPhone 5 seems to be like JellyBean was to Androids Ice Cream Sandwich, this is an improved version giving better performance and functionality but doesn’t have the same amount of new features many were expecting.

Only time will tell of its success!


9 thoughts on “iPhone 5 , is this what you have been waiting for ? Or a massive letdown?

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  1. I knew the phone would be the same stuff only a bit faster and with more limitating features. This connector and the fact that it’ll require the user to buy an adapter to use his/her peripheral of preference comes as a way of slaving you to the brand. The weird screen resolution has become the nightmare in every developers forums I’ve visited today. The 4G LTE thing will allow Samsung and HTC to strike back hard and heavy in the U.S. patent wars.

    Samsung may copy them, but at least they give some extra goodies. “Here is the Apple design with better screen. Here is the Apple design with better battery. Here is the Apple design more universal and open as a platform”. And this design is just like Galaxy SIII down to the color scheme.

    It’s going to sell a lot thanks to HALF BILLION dollars worth of marketing. Not to mention the fan boys brain washing or bulling non Apple users. The market share will come up and have a little bit down turn when users start to crash the web with complains about the lack of innovation. But the fact that Apple can “sell what users don’t want” is enough to keep share holders happy and the Company in it’s current value. Sad really. For now I’ll wait for the Toshiba Fujitsu phones to arrive in EU and maybe see some light in the end of the tunnel (Japan Tech baby).


  2. Nice post & very well written.
    Personally, i’m not a big fan of iPhone, but for me, it seems quite worth an upgrade from the 4S specially the LTE compatibility part & larger screen at the same old price as of the 4S on contract.

    i really don’t understand what were guys really expecting of it. Which feature did Apple miss out?
    Or is it that you just blindly go behind the number of cores, Ram, Processor, etc without really having a hand on the device.
    For me, Apple came out with whatever i expected from them. I’m not an iPhone fan but an Apple fan surely.’


    1. Apple are amazing at what they do and have brought out some of the most innovative products I’ve ever seen. The LTE at present, wouldn’t help my decision in the Uk but may do shortly with more spectrum becoming available. I personally was expecting a bit more ooooh and ahhhh and it can do this and do that where as there isn’t much additional it can do, just more refined, hence the comparison with JB and the 4s.5 reference. There is absolutely no question it’s an incredible phone


  3. Personally, I was really let down by the new design (just like I was let down by Galaxy S3’s design). The phone looks the same (actually its the same) as previous versions. Some guys even cams up with iPhone 10 parody (http://naveegator.tumblr.com/post/31455023809/iphone10) to mock it. And reversible charger, who is Apple kidding – Nokia had cylindrical charging points which could be put even with eyes shut. The only thing innovative about iPhone 5 was its ear pods. Loved them!


  4. Agree with this article. Worrying though that this is Apple’s competitor for the next year or so. Nothing ground-breaking especially when Google will announce their flagship phone in December, feel the iPhone may well fall behind a little…


  5. in all honesty im much more excited by the optimus g and razr i. i know theres no point in fixing what isnt broke but they really need to start innovating again. that is what theyre suppossed to be famous for but i havnt seen it in a while


  6. I thought I’d chime in on this one. I’m no Apple fanboy and favour Android most days of the week. That said I have an iPad. Not sure I’d write Apple off just yet and say the iPhone isn’t as good as the previous models.

    Here’s why:

    1. I don’t know how many have held the new iPhone 5, but it’s nice. Really nice and is much more comfortable to use than the 4. It’s this sort of user experience that Apple are good at. Most manufactuers just deliver by making the screen bigger, but Apple did this but in a different way by making it longer. Maybe some innovation here in the product design. Will others follow?

    2. The A6 chip. Let’s face it the A5X in the iPad is amazing. It’s made tablet gaming fun and highlights the potential. Some of the games we can play on it are damm good. If the A6 works as well as we’re led to believe the Tegra 3 has some serious competition! If the next iPad comes with a A6X, well ………. I’m saving now.

    3. iOS6 has some pretty cool features too. Sure you can get this OS on other Apple devices, but its designed for the 5. Take Passbook and Guided Access. Very cool!!!

    I won’t buy one because I can’t afford it, but I think many are under estimating the 5. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover because it’s better than it looks.

    Are any of the recently released phones really that innovative over previous models (maybe Nokia’s an exception)?


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