Clingo Parabolic Sound Sphere Review !

Thanks to the guys at Allsop I recently received the Clingo Parabolic Sound Sphere, a weird dock-like device for your smartphone or Mp3 player.

The piece of kit looks great and is shown above, it looks modern and sleek and doesn’t take up too much space at home.

The Sound Sphere is made up of a large sphere that is placed on a removable base, this is separate to the sphere and means that you can adjust the angle of the sphere depending on the size of your room or where you want your sound to be directed and also has a cut out in the centre allowing you to feed a charging cable through and charge the device whilst playing.

The Sound Sphere has no power supply and no batteries, and operates using something I know and love, Science !
When your iPod or smartphone is placed on the sticky centre pad and music is played, the music reverberates around the sphere and the sound is amplified and projected from the sphere.. This works really well and makes the device significantly louder than before especially when listening to anything with a great deal of bass!


The centre piece that your device sticks to is something that clingo specialise in, this is of an excellent quality.
Usually anything that involves a ‘sticky pad’ or anything that my device doesnt clip into or get strapped into, usually make me a little sceptical and instantly turns me away. This has changed my views ! This pad is so strong it feels like it could hold a brick nevermind a phone (Queue Galaxy Note joke)!

There are a lot more products that Clingo offer that make use of this technology including Wii controllers, Tablet Docks, Lanyards and more. This works great and leaves no residue on your device and the sphere comes with a lint free cloth which can be used to clean the surface if this requires cleaning and can be easily cleaned with warm water back to as good as new regardless of how dirty it gets.

In comparison with many docks, the Sound Sphere is cheap coming in at $39.99. This is ideal and doesnt require upgrading when you upgrade your device as it obviously doesn’t have a specific jack so it doesnt require changing over. I’ve been fairly impressed with this and will be looking into more sticky peripherals from Clingo in the future !

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