Slickwraps iPhone 5 ‘The Case’

29 09 2013

So, thanks to the guys at Slickwraps I’ve had the opportunity to review their new ‘case’ for the iPhone 5. The guys over at Slickwraps have been making wraps for a barrel load of devices for quite some time to massive success, and this is their most recent wrap that incorporates a hard case as well.



I’ve tried a lot of different wraps, with varying degrees of success, but this wrap has been by far the easiest to apply of the lot.

Over on the website you get a personalised installation video tailored to your device, and in the pack you get an HD screen protector and a great quality microfiber cloth. The HD Screen protector is washable which is great if like me, your terrible at applying them ! This makes installation a lot easier, and personally I find a wet installation easiest with these.

The case obviously eliminates half of the wrap meaning you only need to wrap the front and minimal gaps on the front and side. My wrap was an orange carbon fibre effect which looked really great once the installation was complete. The only point I changed was the home button, as I feel the device looked better with this left off. This is also something that you can buy different variants of, with interchangeable home buttons available on the website. The feel of this is great, and feels stable and not flimsy, which is weird for a wrap, but it feels of a good quality. The colour is also very bright, and although this option won’t suit everybody, it will definitely stand out in comparison to most !

This has only been on for a few days now, so I’m not well placed to speak about its durability or how long it will last but it feels great so far and due to the exact specifications of the wrap and sizes it fits perfect meaning there is no overhang that has the opportunity to catch in your pocket or just from general usage. This was one of the biggest downfalls of all of the other wraps I’ve used, as well as feeling really thin and tacky which this does not.

The wraps also come in wood, leather, metal and glow effects with lots of different available options even including cork and a fantastic design your own case option, the iPhone 5 variants shown on the link below.

Below are a number of pictures of the installation both pre and post. Slickwraps are available on their website

Installation of these type of products is usually difficult but the wrap was extremely easy, and feels like it is built to last.

I would definitely recommend this for any number of devices, and will be purchasing another for my HTC One shortly.

photo image image image image image image image

Official Apple Ipad Smart Cover Review

7 07 2012

When a new device is released the manufacturer usually goes to town on accessories for it, in attempt to make the experience for the device even better, and to obviously maximise sales as much as possible !

When the Ipad was released so was the smart cover, this is referred to as a “smart” cover due to its clever ‘open to wake’ function. Basically when the cover is placed over the screen the device sleeps, it doesnt lock or turn off, simply sleeps. When the cover is removed from the screen, the device wakes again without delay.

As you can see from the second picture above, the metal strip design comes in useful as this can be folded up into a triangular shape to act as a stand to prop the device up, this helps ergonomically with typing and can also be arranged in a slightly different way, almost upside down, to make watching movies and films far better and easier without the need to hold the device up. This arrangement is shown below.

The cover protects the screen well, it attaches to the screen via magnets in the long strips of the design and clips on to the iPad at its side via a hinge like magnet.

One of the downfalls of this product is its lack of protection to the back of the device, although the back of the device is metal and usually wouldn’t receive much damage, many people would like the back of the device to be covered, although an additional back only cover could be purchased if this was the case.

Another downfall, and possibly the biggest in my eyes is the price. There is no way of sugar coating it, the cheapest Official version of this cover is approximately £35, an extravagant fee for what you receive in return. The leather option of this case is more expensive again coming in at almost £60.

When I first got my Ipad, I refused point blank to pay the price so went for a cheaper alternative from Ebay, this looked and functioned exactly the same, but the magnets weren’t as strong and the overall build quality was far inferior, bearing in mind the product was only £7, it wasnt that bad a purchase.

One major point to bear in mind if the cheaper option is one you would consider, buy the correct Ipad models product, at first glance the version of the cover for the Ipad2 and Ipad3 are identical.. but the difference is in the magnets, the way they are polarised effects the ability of the “open to wake” function to work correctly. I bought an Ipad2 cover expecting this to work fine with my Ipad3, but this function doesnt work at all, but works perfectly fine with the Ipad2 my mum has. Generally, an Ipad3 case will work with an Ipad2 but not always vice versa, the Ipad2 needs the magnets to effectively be magnets, whilst the Ipad3 version needs them to be polarised in a specific direction.

To summarise, the product does what it is intended for well, but a bit of market research will bring many more options to your eyes, some of which have incorporated the same “smart” features and aren’t as painful on the bank balance.

Cruzerlite Androidified Case Review

29 06 2012

This is a great website for cases. The case i ordered specifically was the Androidified Clear case for the Galaxy Nexus, although their are numerous case designs for a wide variety of devices.

This case is $9.90 in the US but remarkably still £9.90 in the UK, a tad pricey for a case. But a very high quality case.

The material is scratch resistant and shock absorbant so will bear the brunt of any bumps or drops. There is also overlap of the material over the front and sides of the screen, this means that presumably even if it drops directly onto its screen it will be well protected.

The material is also of a very high quality and feels like it will last the test of time without breaking away. It feels flexible yet firm and fits snugly around the device. The case also has cutouts for all of the buttons meaning the case doesn’t have to be removed to charge the phone or get access to any of its ports, microphones or buttons.

The “andy the android” print is also very cool, there are a number of variations using this character as well as AOKP and RootzWiki cases which have recently become available. Via the Cruzerlite website they also do a “bag of cases” deal in which you receive 3 random cases specific to your device. This is a fantastic deal, you receive 3 random cases for $9.90, a great deal even at £9.90 assuming the price conversion is similar to that of the other cases.

Cruzerlite are a fairly small business and operate via their website. For UK users i recommend ordering via Amazon, I did this and received my order fairly quickly and would definately use them again. If your going to pay the big bucks for a device protect it properly and get yourself a good case.

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