iPhone 5 , is this what you have been waiting for ? Or a massive letdown?

So as expected,  Apple have unveiled the new iPhone but not the iPad Mini as was widely expected! The iPhone 5 has been hyped up to its eyeballs, mostly due to the monstrous success of all of its predecessors so has pretty big boots to fill going head to head with devices like the Samsung Galaxy... Continue Reading →


Dinosaur War IOS Android Free App Review !

Dinosaur War is free on Android and IOS This game involves building up a Village, a Dinosaur army, and using each of these for domination! I play a lot of these kind of games ! Usually I get a lot of game play out of them before getting the gaps between levels getting too lengthy,... Continue Reading →

Jelly Bean ! Android 4.1, first thoughts !

Owning a rooted Galaxy Nexus has its benefits. After Google dished out some devices at I/O preloaded with Android 4.1, the developing community has went crazy and successfully extracted this OS for download. A quick look at RootzWiki or XDA Developers and you will find endless posts filled with download links for Jelly Bean. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1737849 ... Continue Reading →

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