Apple iOS 6 Preview ! Nemesis of Jelly Bean

23 07 2012

A lot of tech geeks have already had a sneaky peak at iOS 6 with Beta’s making the rounds already! – this video gives a good look at how to get iOS 6 Beta without an Apple Dev account.

With iOS being updated to full new builds less frequently than Android, the list of new features and modifications is pretty substantial and impressive !

If I was to summarise this in one line, It would be, think of part of the current iOS .. Its now better.

As well as obviously being the OS that will run on the new IPhone, due to Apples better handle on the update process, the IPad 2/3 and IPhone 3GS/4/4S  and the 4th Gen IPod Touch will all benefit too.


Taking this into account first and foremost, the IPad HD/3 is getting Siri !
Siri has also had some major upgrade work, understanding more questions, giving more information and also being incorporated into some cars steering wheels within the next 12 months with Jaguars, Land Rovers, BMWs, Mercedes, Toyotas, Chryslers, Hondas, Audis and GM cars all advising this would be supported.

Facebook Integration

With Twitter already Integrated pretty well into the iOS now its time for Facebook with pretty much the same features being used. This will increase your ability to share different aspects of your phone and also introduces the ability to recommend different apps in the App Store to your friends.


The most important part of a phone you would think ! This has had an update allowing you to reject calls with set messages, as well as introducing a ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature basically preventing all notifications and phone calls during a set time with the ability to exclude certain people or numbers from this service also.


A lot has been said recently about the new Maps software with Google also bringing out their own equivalent new version. The new iOS Maps has integrated Sat-Nav as well as traffic information and an incredible looking fly-over map showing a lot of the big cities in stunning fashion.


Passbook is an entirely new App/Service entirely for iOS but may remind some of Google Wallet. This essentially is as the name suggests, an app that keeps all of your passes in one place e.g Plane Tickets, Gift Cards, Coupons, Cinema Tickets etc. This, like many features may be location specific originally and may only be featured by specific retailers but it looks like a step in the right direction!


I had to put in a conclusion section so you dont think im still blabbing about Passbook! The list of changes is substantial, and to cover all of these in one blog post would make some pretty lengthy reading. If your looking for any more info I’d recommend checking out the Apple link at the top of the page or These are both incredible resources with a huge amount of info on the new OS.

With Android now claiming a larger proportion of the mobile market in many countries now, this update could be a major player ! Only time will tell..

Official Apple Ipad Smart Cover Review

7 07 2012

When a new device is released the manufacturer usually goes to town on accessories for it, in attempt to make the experience for the device even better, and to obviously maximise sales as much as possible !

When the Ipad was released so was the smart cover, this is referred to as a “smart” cover due to its clever ‘open to wake’ function. Basically when the cover is placed over the screen the device sleeps, it doesnt lock or turn off, simply sleeps. When the cover is removed from the screen, the device wakes again without delay.

As you can see from the second picture above, the metal strip design comes in useful as this can be folded up into a triangular shape to act as a stand to prop the device up, this helps ergonomically with typing and can also be arranged in a slightly different way, almost upside down, to make watching movies and films far better and easier without the need to hold the device up. This arrangement is shown below.

The cover protects the screen well, it attaches to the screen via magnets in the long strips of the design and clips on to the iPad at its side via a hinge like magnet.

One of the downfalls of this product is its lack of protection to the back of the device, although the back of the device is metal and usually wouldn’t receive much damage, many people would like the back of the device to be covered, although an additional back only cover could be purchased if this was the case.

Another downfall, and possibly the biggest in my eyes is the price. There is no way of sugar coating it, the cheapest Official version of this cover is approximately £35, an extravagant fee for what you receive in return. The leather option of this case is more expensive again coming in at almost £60.

When I first got my Ipad, I refused point blank to pay the price so went for a cheaper alternative from Ebay, this looked and functioned exactly the same, but the magnets weren’t as strong and the overall build quality was far inferior, bearing in mind the product was only £7, it wasnt that bad a purchase.

One major point to bear in mind if the cheaper option is one you would consider, buy the correct Ipad models product, at first glance the version of the cover for the Ipad2 and Ipad3 are identical.. but the difference is in the magnets, the way they are polarised effects the ability of the “open to wake” function to work correctly. I bought an Ipad2 cover expecting this to work fine with my Ipad3, but this function doesnt work at all, but works perfectly fine with the Ipad2 my mum has. Generally, an Ipad3 case will work with an Ipad2 but not always vice versa, the Ipad2 needs the magnets to effectively be magnets, whilst the Ipad3 version needs them to be polarised in a specific direction.

To summarise, the product does what it is intended for well, but a bit of market research will bring many more options to your eyes, some of which have incorporated the same “smart” features and aren’t as painful on the bank balance.

Apple Ipad HD

29 06 2012

The Ipad HD or the Ipad 3 whatever you would rather call it, is Apples most recent offering on the Ipad front. Its available in Wifi Only or Wifi + 3/4G Models with a few memory capacitys, from 16GB to 32GB to 64GB. With a hefty jump inbetween each of these models its imporant to choose wisely if you are going to opt for the Ipad!

The 4G model is available in the UK but with no 4G network to operate on, it will only be a 3G signal it will truly receive. The 3G model is ideal if the Ipad is going to be used on the go when you know you wont be passing through Wifi Hotspots with the Wifi only option being ideal for at home or somewhere you know has Wifi, or a day planned travelling via these Hotspots to stay connected !

Most people saw the Ipad HD as an Ipad 2 with a fancy new HD screen, this is correct to an extent as superficially there isnt much difference between the two.

The Ipad 3 is a bit thicker, a bit heavier and has a faster processor with an improved camera. It also has an enlarged battery increased by 17.5 Watts to give a far longer battery life, accounting for some of the additional weight. On reading the facts the more pocket friendly option is clearly the Ipad 2 with the prices being drastically cut following the new release but the proof is in the pudding with testing, with a side by side comparison of both clearly favouring the Ipad 3 as the undisputed winner with its improved A5 processor making actions seamless and a far better experience overall as well as the crisp clarity of the new HD screen.

Experience wise, the Ipad is on a par of its own. Only now are we starting to see serious competitors for this devices crown in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Nexus 7 Tab, or the Asus Transformer. Its rather large price tag is offputting to most with some of the above options proving a more cost effective route to tablet heaven !

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