Wireless Touch Speaker Review

23 05 2013

The Wireless Touch Speaker by Thumbs Up is a product sold by The Great Gift Company UK.


The product retails for £30, and is pretty competitively priced in the market with a great deal of competition seen online, as well as any local music stores/HMV etc.

These sort of devices have came out in barrel loads over the past number of years, with sizes decreasing and more increasingly clever ways of making them portable and wireless.

The thing that interested me most about this speaker was the fact that it did not connect to the device it was amplifying by any cables or Bluetooth. I’ve reviewed an amplifying solution that did this before, but never to the extent of this device. It works by claiming to use ‘Near Field Audio’ technology. This means that the device does not connect to the phone or mp3 player, and simply if the device is placed on top then the music is amplified using the inbuilt speakers with the volume being controlled by your device as you usually would.

There is also an option to plug your device into the speaker with a Headphone jack on the device, and also an option to plug into DC if you don’t want to use the 3 AA batteries required to use on the go.

The amplification is massive, I was astounded as to how loud it was at first. Due to the wireless nature, I had expected to be let down, but I wasn’t in the slightest. The volume can fill a room easily, and for £30 it is a pretty good purchase. The device feels well made, it is simply designed to look at, and includes a rubber band to hold your device to the speaker if you are using this on the move.

Discovering a flaw with the NFA technology, the amplification only works when the speaker is directly on top of a certain place on the device. As you can see in the videos posted, If the iPod is turned 180 degrees, no amplification is achieved. This was discovered completely by accident, but I am assuming this is to do with the technology it uses. This could potentially be an issue with centrally located speakers, and I’d also be curious to see how this would work with devices such as the HTC One with front facing speakers.

Coming up to Father’s Day, www.thegreatgiftcompany.com has lots of great items that anybody would be thankful for and reasonably priced. If your looking for something unusual or unique, I’d recommend giving this website a look, especially if your stuck for ideas as there is a lot of items that will spark anybody’s imagination !

Ipod Nano 6th Gen Review

6 07 2012


The receipt of this Ipod was a bit of a surprise to me, I’ve had Ipods since the first Nano, and many Apple products since including the Iphone, Ipad and Ipod Touch.

Being a hoarder I dont through many of these older products away, so when Apple recalled the original 1st Gen Nano due to a potential issue, I sent it back and swiftly received a new 6th Gen 8GB Nano.

               1st Gen                                    2nd Gen                           3rd Gen

                4th Gen                                5th Gen                       6th Gen


The Nano has changed drastically over its life, From small and curved, to distinct straight lines, to boxy to losing its distinguishing scroll wheel alltogether!

The current 6th Generation Nano is closely related in design to previous Ipod Shuffles, its a similar size and is the first of the entire family to be drastically changed in terms of design. This, as mentioned doesn’t have a scroll wheel. This originally, was what most people recognised as being an Ipod, but with the growing popularity of touchscreens in nearly all of modern technology, and the massive improvements that have been made in regards to the hardware the decision was taken to include this and to scrap the slightly dated scroll wheel.

Again, the Ipod is slightly more expensive than some of its competitors, a well known trait of many Apple products, but it does have a very high quality of finishing and will last the test of time in comparison with some its rivals.

The Nano also includes a clip on the back of it, this is something that has never been seen before on a Nano but with this device being increasingly popular with joggers and runners, this makes perfect sense as it can be clipped on to any article of clothing without the need for additional accessories, cases or straps. Another feature we can see that is aimed at this market is the inclusion of Nike + compatibility, a feature that can be used to track a runners speed, distance etc over a set period.

The device only has 3 buttons, power, volume up and volume down. These are used for the obvious with the touchscreen taking over and doing the rest of the work, the icon or song that is to be used is touched, with a swift swipe to the left acting as a back button.

The inclusion of a radio function is also one that the original Nano didnt have, and has added to the popularity of the device.

The new Nano is a great device if being used as a jogging companion or as an addition to an Iphone, but in my opinion the best option to go for would be the Ipod Touch. The Touch has far more features and is effectively an Iphone lacking the ability to text or phone, and makes a far more sensible purchase in my eyes with the price difference being relatively small for the massive amount of features you gain with it.


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