Make Your Own Movie Kits Review !!

27 10 2012

With thanks to Paladone, I’ve had the opportunity to have some fun with their Make Your Own Movie Kits.

The kits come in 3 variants so far, each of these shown above, and each of which I’ve had the chance to try out !

The link above is my efforts so far ! Be kind, this was my first attempt at anything of this nature. The kits themselves are as simple as can be, they come with a background and many characters, some of the bigger characters are simple push out others require the use of scissors to be cut out.

The kit themselves obviously have very little to no tech, but the fun is in the movie making ! These give you the props essentially to make your own movie using as little or as much effort as you like.

The array of movie making software online is mind-boggling, some paid some free. I used basic free Windows Movie Maker software, taking soundclips from youtube, and pictures taken from my iPad 3. I then collated these, and made a video. With a little bit of experience and trial and error you could record videos, and make some pretty interesting movies, but my skills are pretty amateur to say the least !

Im in the process of making a video using all 3 kits combined, with Aliens on earth and Zombies on the moon! This is a work in process, and will be posted on the TechFilledFantasy Twitter once its finished.

These kits are very reasonably priced, with all 3 coming in at £5.99 each on

Considering the price of ink these days, I think its hard to grumble for getting 3 of these kits for under £20 especially on the run up to Christmas. Whether you are a budding Director, or are just looking to have a little bit of fun these are a good laugh, and the more people you get involved to animate the props, the better the end results !!

Nexus Q, A revolution ?

29 06 2012

Nexus Q, what is this little strange black ball you ask ?

Its a device made by google, touted as being “The world’s first social streaming media player” this device streams music,movies,video and TV to your TV or other devices.

Its design, I think is incredibly cool and modern and would attract attention in any room!

What happens is your Android Phone acts as a remote effectively, telling the Nexus Q what song to play or what movie to stream to your TV. This is all conveniently done via Google Movies and TV, Google Music or Youtube, all owned by Google.

This is a great concept although not entirely unique as similar things are already being done with Google TV and Apple TV. This also plays into the hands of Google, snaring you further into their grasps ensuring any music, TV or movies are all purchased through them to make use of a lot of the features on the Nexus Q.

The price of the Q hasn’t officially been announced but its likely to be $299 and with the Apple TV coming in at $99, many will think of it as a bit too much to spend on a party piece.

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